Devon Rex Pixie Cattery
Devon Rex Pixie Cattery

Devon Rex Pixie Cattery

Cute and sociable kittens in Houston, Texas

Devon Rex Pixie Cattery

Welcome to PIXIE Cattery!

CFA  and TICA  R E G I S T E R E D    B R E E D E R

We are a small Devon Rex Cattery located in Houston, TX. Here at Pixie Cattery we strive to breed cats that fit the CFA and TICA  Devon Rex breed standard. All our cats have a pedigree and all are genetically tested for HCM, Felv/FIV, and blood typed. 

Our cats and kittens are not caged and have free run of the house. They are well socialized with people and other animals. All our kittens are healthy, vaccinated, and ready to move to a new home when they are four months old.

If you would like to be owned by one of these wonderful cats please contact us

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Why Devon Rex Pixie?

  • Unique appearance: The Devon Rex Pixie has an unusual and distinctive look with large ears, curly fur, and a mischievous expression. They often attract attention from people who admire their unique appearance
  • Friendly personality: These cats tend to be outgoing and friendly towards humans and other animals. They enjoy spending time with their owners and love to play
  • Low-maintenance coat: Despite having curly fur, the Devon Rex Pixie’s coat is relatively low maintenance compared to other breeds of cats since it doesn’t require frequent brushing or grooming
  • Good for people with allergies: Due to the texture of their hair, they produce less dander than other breeds which makes them suitable for individuals with cat allergies
  • Intelligent & trainable — They can learn tricks if trained properly, making them entertaining company

Overall, the combination of their unique looks coupled with a friendly personality makes the Devon Rex Pixie one of the best choices when looking for a new pet!

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Devon Rex Pixie kittens Texas

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Devon Rex Pixie Cattery


I adopted my 4 month old kitten Winnie from Irina and Devon Rex Pixie Cattery on June 17th. From the start, Irina is very responsive to any messages or questions. You can truly tell that she cares about the well being of her cats even after they leave the cattery. I flew to Houston from Virginia and was able to visit her home before flying the kitten back home with me. I was able to see my kittens siblings and her parents. Irina and her husband were so nice and accommodating. The kittens are well taken care of and so so loved. I’m so glad I was able to find my “precious angel baby” from Devon Rex Pixie Cattery!

Devon Rex Pixie Cattery

Ashley Boone

I very highly recommend Irina and her cattery. She was very patient and responsive to all my questions. She let me FaceTime to meet her, her husband and the cats. She never hesitated to send pictures and videos with updates on my kitten. She was very welcoming to us when we came to pick up Motley — we never felt like strangers! Immediately when entering her home we were welcomed by the Devon Rex babies! They were so outgoing and affectionate. Mom and Dad were on site too and just as sweet, and so gorgeous. Irina puts so much time and love into her cattery- it really shows the moment you connect with her. Motley has surpassed everything I hoped for. He is very healthy, socialized, gorgeous and affectionate. He has the most wonderful personality! I would definitely get a kitten from her again.

Devon Rex Pixie Cattery


My wife and I have been searching for the perfect cat breed for our family. We came across the Devon Rex and immediately wanted to find out more as we have a young child. We reached out to Irina and her husband and both were amazing at informing us with all are questions! They are doing an absolute amazing job with this breed! Some of the most beautiful cats I’ve ever seen. All of their cats have amazing temperaments. They were absolutely amazing with my daughter.
We fell in love with them all!!!!

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If you would like to be owned by one of these wonderful cats please contact us!

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adorable Devon Rex Pixie cats Texas

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